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Malocclusions, Defined!

The term ‘malocclusion’ can be used to explain a wide array of dental conditions. A malocclusion is generally known as a “bad bite” which can cause a variety of oral problems. You can have an overbite, open bite, or crowded teeth and each condition can lead to additional issues for your dental health. Fortunately, orthodontics can treat many cases of malocclusions.

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Vacation Tips for Orthodontic Patients

Are you planning an upcoming vacation with your friends or family? How exciting! Just remember, it’s important to make sure you are well equipped to take good care of your teeth and braces when you are away from home.

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Fluorosis Findings

Are you wondering what the faint white streaks or lines are on your child’s teeth? These types of tooth stains happen when teeth are still forming and is called fluorosis.
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