How Our Smiles Can Change As We Age

It’s no secret that our bodies and overall health change as we get older. Our skin develops fine lines, we start finding grey or white hairs, and you may find you don’t have as much energy as you used to. What many people are surprised to know is that our smiles are not an exception to aging

How Age Changes Our Smiles 

There are many telltale signs of an aging smile. We use our teeth everyday, so some wear and tear is completely normal as we get older. As our tooth enamel begins to wear, the inside tissue, also known as dentin, starts to become more visible and can make your smile appear more yellow or brown. Another common problem is receding gums. It’s important to note that this is completely normal and nothing to be too worried about, however there are preventative measures you can take. 

Normally the biggest concern patients have about their aging smile is shifting teeth. Even if you underwent orthodontic treatment as a child, a decrease in bone mass in your upper and lower jaws can lead to teeth crowding. Losing bone mass is inevitable as we get older, and shifting teeth is a result of the jaw bones becoming smaller. Luckily orthodontic treatment can help with this issue! 

How We Can Help With Your Aging Smile

Your smile is the first thing people notice about you, and it’s important that you feel confident about your smile.  If you are feeling like your smile doesn’t represent your youthful spirit, we can help. Dr. Gorlovsky can assess your smile in a complimentary orthodontic consultation and work with you to build a customized treatment plan. No need to worry about appearances, orthodontic appliances are much more discreet and comfortable than ever before! 

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