Common Myths About Orthodontic Treatment

With more people choosing to undergo orthodontic treatment, we have been hearing many questions and concerns about certain rumors  that just aren’t true! Our team of orthodontic professionals at Windermere Orthodontics want to help set the record straight.

In this post, we give answers to the common myths we hear from patients seeking orthodontic treatment. Our goal is to provide you with facts, and help you stay informed with the correct information. 

1. Orthodontic Treatment is Only For Looks and Esthetics

Orthodontic treatment comes with numerous benefits on top of improving the look of your smile. It enhances the function of your teeth and jaw, leading to improvements in speaking, biting, and chewing. Additionally, orthodontic treatment leads to better oral hygiene and improved quality of life

2. Orthodontic Treatment is Expensive 

An orthodontist is a unique specialist who carefully creates your treatment plan to achieve oral alignment. As you can understand, the cost of treatment depends on your individual case complexity. When you visit our Suwanee or Cumming orthodontic office, Dr. Gorlovsky will conduct an orthodontic consultation to help evaluate your condition and discuss treatment options.

3. Orthodontic Care is Only for Kids and Teens

Orthodontic care is for patients of any age and not kids and teens alone. In fact, there is a notable increase in the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment in the United States.

That being said, it’s recommended that children receive their first orthodontic consultation around the age of seven. Some cases may be less invasive and less expensive when treatment is completed at a younger age. This is because Dr. Gorlovsky can take advantage of a child’s development, and help guide their teeth and jaws into their proper position. 

4. Braces Are Always Visible

You can receive orthodontic treatment through both removable and fixed appliances. With advances in the orthodontic treatment industry, your options are more discreet and comfortable than ever before! With years of specialized training, Dr. Gorlovsky is an expert in all options and is happy to offer his opinion based on your treatment objective, timeline, and budget.

5. Treatment Takes Many Years

If a patient is consistent with appointments and complies with the instructions, most orthodontic treatment plans should not go beyond the second year. In fact, orthodontic treatment may only take a few months depending on the case at hand.

6. I Can Receive Orthodontic Treatment From My Dentist 

Although some general dentists offer Invisalign, only an orthodontist, who has undergone several years of further training, is truly an expert in oral alignment. By choosing Windermere Orthodontics in Suwanee or Cumming, you can be sure you are receiving treatment from someone who has knowledge, skills, and experience to offer specific treatment needs.

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