Orthodontic treatment involves straightening and moving teeth into a healthier position. It also improves the appearance of the teeth and their function. Orthodontic treatment is not limited to older children and teens with alignment and spacing issues, it also can benefit children of a younger age as well.

Consulting an orthodontist for a younger child helps parents to recognize any alignment or functional issues their child may be facing early on. This allows the orthodontist to treat a child’s teeth as their jaw and mouth develop. Think of this approach as getting ahead of any potential problems. If an orthodontist can see a problem before the child fully develops, they can help treat it before it gets worse. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends a first orthodontic check up at the age 7.

Benefits of early orthodontic treatment:

Apart from the cosmetic benefits, orthodontic treatment at a young age provides these advantages:

· It can lessen the extent of orthodontic treatment required later
· Through early treatment, the orthodontist helps to guide the teeth into their right position. The chance of permanent tooth extraction can be decreased and the worsening of a problem can be prevented if it is corrected early
· Children undergoing early orthodontic treatment can often avoid invasive treatment later.

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– Dr. Michael Gorlovsky