The word ‘impressions’ may bring back negative memories from a previous experience you had at the dentist or orthodontist’s office and the gag reflex that it may have irritated. Goodbye to those uncomfortable days!

At Windermere Orthodontics, we have introduced the iTero Element scanner! This technologically advanced scanner is small, fast and precise. The scanner is more comfortable for our patients to experience, as it uses a small wand to capture 3D images, or pictures inside your mouth. The results are produced in color on our touch-screen display, where we can tell between gingival tissue and dental tissue for a more accurate clinical evaluation. There are no x-rays associated with the scan.

Another tricky part to orthodontic treatment is the turnaround time to get treatment started, especially for Invisalign patients. We know you are anxious to get started on your new smile! Previously, when your impressions were taken, it would take longer to set up your case and receive aligners back. With the iTero Element, Windermere Orthodontics can act much faster and get you started with your treatment. The scan usually takes less than 10 minutes. NO gooey stuff and no gag reflex!

One the most loved features of the iTero scanner is the Outcome Simulator Program. Now you can see a live preview of what your new smile will look like after treatment, right here in our office! The best part is we offer this service complimentary to our patients.

We can’t wait to see you and help you discover your new smile, with our new methods and technology in 2017!

– Dr. Michael Gorlovsky