When you look in the mirror do you notice that your teeth seem to look longer? That’s what happens when your gums are receding! Gum recession can suddenly show up out of nowhere. It can also cause future problems such as tooth or bone loss.

When the gum tissue around your teeth starts to pull away, it shows more of the tooth and the root becomes more exposed. It is a more common dental problem than people think. Almost 12 out of a hundred people have it! The process of a receding gum line is a gradual process. Often people do not even realize it is happening until it becomes more severe. The solution to this problem is grafting gum tissue. People also refer to this procedure as periodontal plastic surgery or a gingival graft.

There are a few different types of grafts, which are defined by where the tissue comes from. The tissue can be taken from a tissue bank, the roof of your mouth, or a top/deeper layer where it can stretch. The tissue is then attached to the gum area being treated. This will improve the overall appearance of your smile and help to prevent tooth and bone loss. Following the procedure, you will be able to go home and you will be provided instructions for postoperative care. For example, in regards to your diet , only eat soft foods for the next week (jello, eggs, pasta etc.). Make sure to also not brush or floss in the treated area until the gums have healed.

Gum grafts can be used for both cosmetic and health reasons. To find out if gum grafting is the right procedure for you, contact us at Windermere Orthodontics in Suwanee, Cumming or Brookhaven today!

-Dr. Michael Gorlovsky