Orthodontic emergencies are usually very rare. However, if one does occur, Windermere Orthodontics is here to help! A true emergency would occur if your appliance has become loose or if trauma has occurred to your teeth. In addition, any unusual pain (aside from the usual discomfort from the movement of your teeth) should be checked out by your orthodontist as soon as possible.

Most orthodontic problems are minor. There are a few things that may come up at home, but there are a few fixes to solve them.

Loose Brackets

This can happen from eating hard or sticky candies, or even from playing with your braces! If the piece is still attached, leave it as is – just don’t connect any elastics to it. You can also apply orthodontic wax if it is irritating you. Be sure to call our office to let us know what happened.

Poking Wire

As your teeth move, the connecting wire can poke the back of your mouth. You can try to move the wire into a better position with a Q-tip. You can also use wax to help with any irritation. Call our office during office hours to have us take a look!

If you have any questions or think you have an emergency, call Windermere Orthodontics in Suwanee, Cumming, or Brookhaven.

– Dr. Michael Gorlovsky