Are you wondering what the faint white streaks or lines are on your child’s teeth? These types of tooth stains happen when teeth are still forming and is called fluorosis.

If your child is consuming too much fluoride while their teeth are still forming under their gums,  it can lead to fluorosis. Fluorosis is a permanent tooth stain that occurs in response to internal exposures to fluoride during the period when children are still developing their permanent teeth.
While fluoride is essential to children because it protects their teeth from dental problems like cavities and decay, increased exposure to fluoride can disrupt the normal process of the tooth mineral formation; this process can result in increased sponginess in the tooth’s developing hard tissues such as the enamel. The porosity of the teeth affects  the color and appearance of the teeth and the teeth usually have a distinct pitting appearance.  These are some of the definitive signs of fluorosis.
Although fluorosis changes or alters the appearance of your child’s teeth, it isn’t considered a disease but is  rather a cosmetic condition.  In most cases, the effect of dental fluorosis is so subtle that only an oral health specialist (such as a dentist or orthodontist) would notice it.
Treatment for fluorosis includes teeth whitening, dental restoration placement, and microabrasion.  How does fluorosis affect orthodontic treatment?  Teeth are harder to bond to when fluorosis exists, but Dr. Gorlovsky will take a look and let you  know his opinion on your child’s treatment and what the best treatment modality is .   You can contact us at Windermere Orthodontics in Suwanee, Brookhaven, and Cumming. Our orthodontic team is excited to meet you!
– Dr. Gorlovsky