There are different brands of self-ligating braces including Empower, Damon, In-Ovation, and SmartClip. Self-ligating braces have been used for many years. Unlike traditional braces, these braces do not need an elastic tie around the bracket to hold the wire in. Instead, a “door” mechanism is present to hold the wire in place. The reason an orthodontist uses a particular type of bracket is based on their choice of prescription for the bracket and what he/she thinks would be best suited for the patient’s needs. Dr. Gorlovsky’s choice for self-ligating braces are Empower braces, which are made in the USA.

The Empower braces system will achieve a wide smile, uses gentle forces and comes in a clear bracket option. There are many similarities between the Damon and the Empower systems. One of the technical differences, however, is in the way the wire is held in by the door. This is where the Empower system excels, because it uses “active” doors to express the full prescription in your braces. It is up to the doctor and their preference in terms of which bracket they choose to use. The goal is to create a beautiful and healthy smile for you!

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-Dr. Michael Gorlovsky