These days, it is not uncommon to have a missing permanent tooth. The cause may be from trauma, agenesis (lack of development) or loss due to caries/decay.  When it comes to orthodontic treatment, there are typically several options to consider for missing teeth.

  1. A) The first involves preserving the baby tooth.
  2. B) Another option involves removing the baby tooth and closing the space where the tooth was.
  3. C) The third option is to leave the space open to replace the missing tooth.  The decision is made along with you and depends on the amount of crowding, the bite,  and the condition of the teeth, especially the baby tooth with no permanent tooth to replace it.    At Windermere Orthodontics, we will discuss the best option for you.

An orthodontist is the specialist you need to see to examine you or your child and come up with the best treatment plan.   Contact us at Windermere Orthodontics at either our Suwanee, Cumming or Brookhaven location to discuss a plan for missing permanent teeth with orthodontic treatment.

-Dr. Michael Gorlovsky