Removal of braces is a day most patients look forward to. If your orthodontist gave you an approximate time for your treatment and the day comes and goes, you may be left wondering ‘why’? There are three reasons why braces may still be on – your orthodontist, the patient’s actions or the patient’s biology.

Your treatment plan is carefully selected and thought out by your orthodontist. If any problems arise with your original diagnosis or your treatment plan may need to change during the process, the treatment time may be extended.If the patient doesn’t adhere to the treatment plan (by missing or changing appointments, arriving late to an appointment so there isn’t enough time to accomplish the planned procedure, breaking or bending your wires, or not following the treatment plan instructions for your rubber bands, aligners and oral hygiene), this will cause your treatment to last longer. The patient’s role makes a big difference in the final result and outcome of the treatment plan. The third factor in the length of treatment is the patient’s individual biology. Even if the orthodontist makes the perfect plan and the patient adheres to the plan, the biological response may not be as expected. If this is the case, the estimated treatment time may need to be revised. Sometimes teeth can move faster or slower than expected, so it all depends on each individual case.

If you are concerned about a longer treatment time, make sure you are doing everything in your power as the patient. At Windermere Orthodontics, we’ll do our part to make sure we have you on the best plan possible. Remember, we put it in place for your benefit and can’t wait to see the results too!
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– Dr. Gorlovsky