Teeth misalignment issues are quite common, and there was a time when traditional braces were the only option available to fix them.  Now at days, you can choose between braces and clear aligners, such as Invisalign.    At Windermere Orthodontics, we will evaluate your teeth and bite to determine  which treatment modality is best for you.   Let’s take a look at some of the most notable differences between the two options:  Fixed braces vs. Removable aligners

·         Appearance – Invisalign is made of a clear plastic material and is very discreet when compared to braces.  There have been great  advancements in braces ( smaller brackets) and there are also non-metal options available today that make them less noticeable.

·         Bite discrepancy – Some types of bites are best corrected with braces and other types are best corrected with aligners.

·         Duration of the Treatment – For similar types of bite or amount of crowing, braces and Invisalign usually take about the same time.

·         Comfort and Convenience – If you opt for Invisalign, there are no dietary restrictions as the trays have to be removed while eating. 


If you are interested in either braces or clear aligners,  please schedule an appointment at Windermere Orthodontics in Suwanee and Cumming, or contact us through this form. You can also call us directly for more information.


– Dr. Gorlovsky