Is it really a faster, cheaper treatment?
The answer is NO! Six month smiles, also known as six month braces , short term braces, or fast braces  is not  quicker or cheaper because it is a compromised version of what orthodontic treatment should be.

Why is it faster?  Treatment is ‘faster’ not because  of newer or better technology, in fact the braces that are used are the same or sometimes even inferior to what orthodontists  use . The reason the treatment is shorter is because it is stopped after 6 months, without correcting the patient’s malocclusion ( bad bite), which is a major goal of orthodontic treatment.   Proper orthodontic treatment addresses not only esthetics of a smile but also corrects the bite and that is what takes time to do.   Only the patient’s front teeth are moved with Six Month Smiles.  Regular dentists that perform six month smile treatment learn this procedure during a weekend course, while orthodontists are specialists that attend an additional 2-3 years of school after dental school to learn to properly diagnose and treat orthodontic problems.

Is it cheaper?  Six Month Smiles is not  cheaper than regular braces.  If you take the total cost of treatment and divide by 6 months, that does not come out to be less expensive than traditional braces.  You are getting more for your money with regular braces because not only  are the  front teeth  moved, but the whole bite is corrected , preventing you from having long term problems with your teeth and jaws.

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

– Dr. Michael Gorlovsky