Common Bite Problems for Adults & Children!

In the world of orthodontics, a “bite” is used to describe the way your upper and lower teeth come together. A bad bite is also known as a “malocclusion” where the teeth do not adequately meet or do not meet at all. Bite problems are unique to each individual. However, there are a few bite problems that are common for children and adults. Here are a few bite problems as shared by the American Association of Orthodontists:

Crossbites are when the upper teeth fit inside of the lower teeth. There are different types of crossbites including posterior ( back teeth) and anterior ( front teeth). If a crossbite problem is not addressed, it can cause the jaw to shift to one side (uneven jaw growth) and as a result, wear down the enamel of the teeth.

Underbites are when the lower jaw sits forward from the upper jaw. This type of problem creates stress to the jaw joints.

Open bites can be anterior or posterior. Anterior open bites can develop from excessive thumb sucking or mouth breathing.

A deep bite happens when too much of the upper front teeth cover the bottom teeth.

Crowding is when there is insufficient space for the teeth, often resulting in a “crooked” appearance.

Protrusions can also be referred to as “buck teeth”. In these cases, the protrusion is either caused by one of the following or a combination of the upper jaw is too far forward, or the lower jaw is too far back, or the teeth have grown in on an angle. Protrusions can also be accompanied by a deep bite.

Common bite problems happen for both children and adults. The fact is that they are not self-correcting problems and only become worse with time. Let’s create a healthy bite for you and your family with the help of Dr. Gorlovsky at Windermere Orthodontics. A healthy bite can help to better chew food, speak clearer and smile more confidently! Contact us in Suwanee or Cumming for your orthodontic consultation!

-Dr. Gorlovsky