Orthognathic surgery is commonly known as corrective jaw surgery. It may sound scary at first but once you understand the benefits of fixing jaw malalignment, it may be something to consider.

Have you ever had difficulty eating and are unable to fully enjoy your food due to jaw alignment? This surgery may be the solution that allows you to better bite and chew.
Improving your facial appearance is another benefit of the surgery. Fixing an overbite or underbite, even by a few millimeters has an impact on facial structure. The jaw bone is surgically moved forward or backward to correct the position.

Improper jaw alignment can lead to TMJ disorder, which causes pain and tooth grinding, and can result in headaches. Instead of reaching for a quick fix with pain relievers, corrective jaw surgery will stop the grinding and reduce daily headaches.

Any surgical procedure may seem scary, but if your jaws are misaligned, orthognathic surgery is a life changing procedure. Patients have raved about their new improved smile and added benefits that come along with it. Talk to us today at Windermere Orthodontics to find out if this is the option for you!

– Dr. Michael Gorlovsky