Achieving a perfect smile with healthy and straight teeth is the ultimate goal of every orthodontic treatment. When undergoing treatment, there may be some adjustments that need to be made to your lifestyle choices such as diet or daily activities. Overall, we want you to be able to continue to enjoy your lifestyle and daily activities during orthodontic treatment. For most people who have unique and special talents such as playing musical instruments, undergoing braces treatment shouldn’t h them from playing the instruments they love.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, with practice and an adjustment period, braces will not interfere with playing wind and brass musical instruments. Nevertheless, if you’re having difficulty playing some instruments, speak to your orthodontist so they can provide you with special instructions to help you play more naturally.

Orthodontic wax is the most common aid used to help relieve the initial discomfort while playing an instrument. Based on a study of band members in junior high and high schools on the effects of orthodontic appliances on playing a musical instrument, it was revealed that most single-reed and flute players find that using wax helps their lips adjust to braces while playing.

If you have any questions about braces or Invisalign and their effect on playing a musical instrument, please contact or visit our orthodontic office at Windermere Orthodontics in Suwanee, Brookhaven, and Cumming.

-Dr. Gorlovsky