What is Interceptive/Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Early, interceptive, or phase I treatment are all synonyms that refer to getting orthodontic treatment at an earlier age, usually between the ages of 7 and 10, but that range may differ among different patients. Phase I is the first component of a two phase orthodontic treatment. The goals of phase I treatment are to correct orthodontic problems that are detected and can be corrected early on to prevent problems from progressing. Skeletal and dental problems such as some jaw discrepancies, crossbites, severe crowding, blocked out teeth, and habits are best corrected as soon as they are detected because they can progress and become worse and cause more problems down the road.

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that parents bring in their children for an orthodontic consultation at age 7 because that is when the permanent incisors and six year molars are erupting or have already erupted. If your child does not require any treatment  he/she will become a member of our ‘growth and development’ club  during which we monitor his/her dental and skeletal development every 6-8 months. Our philosophy at Windermere Orthodontics is that it is much easier to prevent a problem from developing or to correct it while minor, rather than missing the critical time to treat and allowing the problem to get worse. We look forward to meeting you!

– Dr. Michael Gorlovsky