What will my first visit be like to the office?

Congratulations! You have made a big step towards a beautiful and healthy smile by booking your consultation at Windermere Orthodontics. What should you expect to happen at your first visit with us?

When you arrive at the office, if you have not had a chance to fill out your paperwork online, we will ask you to fill some forms out at the office, which includes questions about your (or your child’s) medical and dental  history, chief concern and goals of treatment. Dr. Gorlovsky will use this information to make the best decisions and recommendations for your orthodontic treatment.

After you have filled out your paperwork, you will meet our treatment coordinator, Amanda, who will give you a tour of our office and introduce you to our team. We are excited to meet you!  

The next step is to have your photos and x-rays taken. These will be used by Dr. Gorlovsky to make an individualized treatment plan for you. Once your records are taken, Dr. Gorlovsky will meet with you and to go over what your concerns are and what you would like to change about your smile. He will then examine you and will use the photographs and x-rays that were taken to go over everything and will give you his recommended treatment plan.  

If you have dental work that needs to be completed, or if Dr. Gorlovsky would like certain procedures, such as a dental cleaning, to be done before starting treatment, he will refer you accordingly. If the doctor doesn’t think your child is ready for braces, he will recommend a growth and development appointment to evaluate him/her in 6-8 months and determine when the best time is to start orthodontic treatment.  

Amanda, our treatment coordinator will go over with you the total investment in your new smile and will set up financial arrangements that work for you and your family.

If you or your child is ready for orthodontic treatment, we will be able to start the same day of your consultation appointment. We know your time is important so if you are available to stay, we will be glad to put your braces on or scan your teeth for Invisalign, whichever treatment option you choose.

We are excited that you have made the decision to start your orthodontic journey and that you chose Windermere Orthodontics! We promise to take great care of you.

See you soon!

– Dr. Michael Gorlovsky