Sipping on Soda? Think Again!

Orthodontic treatment can positively change your life! Although its success will also depend on how well you take care of your teeth too. This includes good oral hygiene and healthy dietary choices. Many people do not realize that what they eat and drink has a direct effect on their oral health.

One of the most popular drinks, no matter where you go is soda. From sports games to restaurants and parties – it is everywhere! Many people consume soda beverages without realizing the dangers it can cause to your oral health. Did you know that a regular 12-oz can of Coca Cola has 39 grams of sugar, equivalent to 9 1/3 teaspoons!

The sugar from these drinks creates a toxic acid in your mouth. This acid over time will wear down the enamel of your teeth and can lead to cavities. Another shocking fact is “diet” or “sugar-free” drinks still contain acid which can also harm your teeth over time. To avoid tooth decay and cavities, we suggest staying away from all sodas, energy drinks and sports drinks.

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What Is An Impacted Tooth?

There are many orthodontic and dental terms used in an orthodontic office. You may have come across a few, including the term “an impacted tooth”. Wondering what this term means? At Windermere Orthodontics, we are here to help simplify and explain these terms to help our patients have a clear understanding of their treatment plan.

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