Clear aligner therapy is becoming common place. There are several clear aligner companies out there, including the most well known , Invisalign.   One of the benefits of Invisalign includes the attachments that are part of the treatment process.  These attachments help to get the best result from your aligners and treatment. Wondering what these attachments are and why are they necessary? We’re happy to help explain!

Invisalign uses SmartForce attachments, which are small ‘bumps’  that are placed on your teeth before or during your treatment. They are usually placed in the middle of the tooth and serve as a handle to help your aligners gently move your teeth into the right place. Similar to your Invisalign aligners, the attachments are tooth colored so that they can easily blend in.


Placing Invisalign attachments on your teeth does not require any drilling or wires. They are simply bonded to the surface of your teeth. When you brush or eat, you will still need to remove your aligners, but the attachments will stay in place. After your Invisalign treatment is completed, these attachments are polished off and removed by your orthodontist.


Invisalign aligners in combination with attachments help apply the right amount of pressure and force in the right direction, helping to align crooked teeth and misaligned bites. The majority of patients who undergo Invisalign treatment need attachments bonded to their teeth.   Are you a candidate for orthodontic treatment?   Schedule a complimentary consulation with Dr. Gorlovsky to speak with him about your treatment options. We look forward to treating your smile in Cumming and Suwanee.


-Dr. Gorlovsky