Are my teeth supposed to move after treatment?

It is absolutely normal to see some movement of your teeth after your braces or Invisalign treatment is complete. This is called ‘settling’ of the bite and that is movement that is expected to occur. Over time, the position of your teeth will have a tendency to change. Just like hair going thin and gray, skin wrinkling, teeth will move. To minimize the amount your teeth shift, Dr. Gorlovsky placed bonded retainers and/or given you removable retainers to wear. These retainers are not able to and not supposed to prevent all movement, but they are great at preventing a lot of movement from occurring. The most important time to be compliant with retainer wear is right after the braces are taken off because the teeth are still stabilizing in their new position in the bone, however it is important to remember that retention is a lifelong commitment. Please follow Dr. Gorlovsky’s recommendations regarding wear instructions of your retainers to minimize the amount of tooth movement. If you see changes that are occurring that you feel are abnormal, please call our office to schedule an appointment .