In today’s society we are all about a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach. From booking airline tickets to watching how to play an instrument on youtube, we decide to do a lot ourselves, without thinking we need professional assistance. The healthcare industry is no exception.

Two companies have launched mail order orthodontics, SmileCareClub and Crystal Braces. Don’t be fooled by this ‘easy DIY approach’. They are selling Invisalign knockoffs! The process works where you pay $95 initially. You take your own photos with your smartphone. The consumer is asked to sign a waiver that they have seen a dentist and had x-rays taken. However, these companies never ask to see these images.

This is not the way to correct orthodontic problems. There is no true analysis of the bite relationship and the health of jaws and gums. It cannot truly solve the problems an orthodontist can diagnose and correct.

These companies provide email and phone support, but no one is there to oversee your progress and carefully monitor your care. The orthodontist and patient relationship is a crucial part of your treatment and care and these companies have removed that entirely.

Just because there is an option to straighten your own teeth, doesn’t mean you should! Orthodontists go to school 2-3 additional years post dental school to become experts in this field. The ortho-mail process removes this expertise and you can risk permanent damage to your teeth such as root shortening, tooth decay, and even bone or tooth loss!

Don’t let these mail-order companies fool you! Talk to us today about the importance of professional orthodontic care and the difference it can make for you!

– Dr. Michael Gorlovsky