Quality Decisions!

Have you ever wondered why orthodontist treatment costs vary?

If you have shopped around for different orthodontist options, you’ll notice the cost of treatment can vary from practice to practice. You may not realize, but many different things go into the cost of your treatment in addition to your braces! Essentially treatment cost has to cover the materials and supplies used, staff salaries and the maintenance of the office. The quality of each of these parts impact your treatment and results.

The appliances themselves include brackets, wires and rubber bands. In addition, they require tools to keep up their maintenance. These can vary in price as some are more efficient and long lasting than others. Different types of braces which can vary in quality and as a result cost more to manufacture. Windermere Orthodontics uses American Orthodontics self ligating braces, which are made in the USA. A more advanced orthodontic office will use higher quality materials to ensure your treatment is effective and efficient. Qualities we look for in braces are least amount of discomfort for patients, smaller in size and easy to clean. Generally, these qualities are reflected in your overall cost.

The office itself also plays an important role. A friendly and welcoming office may have higher fees than an office that lacks those personal touches. Amenities such as a refreshments, designated kids area, TVs, open-bay seating rather than closed rooms make patients feel more at home.

The experience of your orthodontist and team taking care of you is another contributing factor. If you have assistants who have been treating patients for many years, this can mean less mistakes and fewer visits! The more experience, the higher the price.

The more innovative and advanced the orthodontic office, chances are the prices will reflect this. Be sure to assess the benefits and importance to you and your family. At Windermere Orthodontics, our primary concern is our patients’ needs and treatment. We never compromise our quality!

– Dr. Michael Gorlovsky